Here you will be able to take the first step toward bringing your own dreams to life. By registering them here for all to see, you give them substance; you choose the path and begin your adventure toward your very personal destination.

AS THE RIDING SEASON BEGINS TO WIND DOWN, I think back on all the wonderful news and contributions from the fabulous women who make up the original Dream Riders group and feel prouder than ever of all they have done. This year, more Dream Riders from across the United States met each other in person, some getting together with riders in their state or nearby states just in twos or threes, others riding the whole stretch of the country through rain, hail, sleet, heat, and construction zones, to gather together at the Women on Wheels International Ride-In, held this year in West Virginia. Over 600 women attended that rally and had a ton of fun riding the beautiful, winding roads of the state. The photo below shows EIGHT of the Dream Riders (Mary, Carol, Vikki, Barb, Donna, Joan, Gin, and one more Carol, who met each other there, compared adventures and skills, dreamed of more miles, more years following the blue highways on two wheels with the wind in their hair. NOTE: A lot of creativity here - Donna designed the great tee shirts for everyone, Gin created the gorgeous purple and red dream rider scarves, and Mary is the talented quilt maker! These women can do it all! I also heard that Kay Redfearn was once again present and accounted for at the rally, though not in the photo --

To relate every adventure the Dream Riders have had this year would take another book, so I'll just mention a few:

  • Karen and her husband took a summer job in Custer State Park in the Black Hills of South Dakota as Workampers. They have taken full advantage of their time to ride every road in the Hills!
  • Sue and her husband had to end their riding season early this year but are already planning on Sturgis and Colorado for next summer.
  • Marie is one of our true iron-butt riders! At 68 she has covered more territory on her motorcycle than riders one-third her age. Her one day record for now is 560 miles in one day on her way home from a trip to Gettysburg. She also rode through Iowa and Wisconsin on another trip, went to Sturgis on another, then northern Michigan for Lady Biker's Day weekend! And to think she is just ONE of the amazing lady riders who is a true DREAM RIDER.
  • Joan had a blast in West Virginia, then rode to DC and on to Parkersburg, WV.
  • Bette and her husband are packing up her Dyna Low Rider and leaving the hustle and bustle of California for Wyoming. Her husband is getting a new bike and they plan on plenty of fun ridingthis season!
  • Carol and her husband has been on the road for months now on their scoots--taking to the highway like we all dream of doing. They made that dream come true and are seeing states all over the east, south, and west. I can't wait for a full report, which I will post here when it comes in.
  • Donna has had a wild time on her bike this year, wracking up major miles on her trip from Kansas to West Virginia, then on to Sturgis.

There were many more roads being traveled out there this season and I will post them as the stories continue to come in. I had a wonderful time riding in northern New Mexico, meeting up with Dream Rider Linda and another lady rider, spending time in Taos checking out the art shows and the restaurants. And, of course, riding in the magnificent Colorado Rockies is always primo!

Until next time, ride safe and enjoy the journey-- Rosemary



By Fran Hartman, Seattle, Washington

How do you motivate 25 nine and ten year olds to pick up a book and read, when the world around them presents video games, movies, TV, and much more?

With a Harley-Davidson 883 Sportster, THAT'S HOW!

This past September when I met my students and their families for the first time for the school year, I had my Harley parked right outside my classroom door. "WOW!", No Way!", "You've got to be kidding!" were just a few of the comments made by parents and students.

Very quickly one student decided he wanted a ride on the back. It amazed me and got me to thinking--how could I use this to my advantage?

That is how my project "Reading for Rides" began. If my students received permission from their parents and obtained 200 points under our accelerated reading program, they would get a ride. My plan is to take all students who reach this goal out for a ride and lunch as a group. I have started gathering local riders in the area and asking for their help. I want the kids to feel very special as they ride through the streets of their own neighborhood with their new friends and their teacher.

So far? It has worked great! My hope is that every single child reaches this goal. Twenty-five lunches on me is a small price to pay if I can motivate children to read!

(Editorial Comment: We completely agree! Way to go, Fran. A true dream rider.)



By Marlene Ruhl

I had a very special summer. It was special because after being engaged for 3 years and 9 months, my sweetheart Gene and I were married. It was a wonderful outdoor, country-style wedding that we had planned to have as soon as we built our home. Now the house was finished, the lawn and flowers in, and by August 30th, everything looked beautiful!

The ceremony was simple and the dress was casual. My sister was my maid of honor and was dressed in western attire. Gene's brother was the best man and he wore his motorcycle vest and blue jeans. The minister was dressed in his cowboy hat, western jacket, blue jeans, and boots. I wore a lacy, ivory and lavender, floral-printed dress and Gene wore a dressy, ivory western shirt and blue jeans. We had 70 guests, all in casual attire, seated on our front lawn. 

There were six motorcycles parked at an angle, three on each side, creating an extension of the aisle. We walked between them and up onto the front porch where the ceremony took place. When the music started, the clouds parted and the sun shined on us the rest of the day. The reception was a big, old-fashioned country picnic.

It was everything we had ever imagined it would be!




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